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With the date of Diggy’s debut album, Unexpected Arrival, sneaking up on us (March 20, in case you didn’t already know) the young rap star is putting out more and more content to get us excited for the album. 

PHOTOS: Diggy Reveals “Unexpected Arrival” Album Cover 

Here we have some behind the scenes footage of young Diggy shooting Unexpected Arrival’s album cover, which we showed you last week. 

In the video, we see Diggy take us through what a typical day at a photo shoot is like for the kid. We see Diggy dress up in an assortment of fly clothes, put in some creative input himself and even joke around a little bit (check out his killer British accent).

He’s not all play, however. The boy works; you can tell he gets it in because the album cover’s photographer, Patrick Hoelck, gushes about Diggy in the clip, calling the rapper “professional” and “amazing.” 

Details: Diggy Unexpectedly Announces Album Title!

It’s a nice little video, and hopeful young Diggy will keep dropping more like this leading up to the album’s release.

Like we mentioned earlier, Unexpected Arrival drops on March 20th. Diggy’s latest single “Do It Like You,” which features Jeremih, is currently heating up radio airwaves out there.