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The chronicles of beef squashing continue as rappers Drake and Common reportedly came face to face at the Grammy Awards last Sunday.

STORY: BURY DA BEEF: Common Goes Smack At Drake AGAIN!

According to reports by Hip Hop Wired, the two diffused what would have escalated in to a scuffle backstage at the Grammy’s.

STORY: BURY DA BEEF: Drake Tells Common “I’m Not No B*tch”

The rap-fueled beef between the Chicago and Toronto natives started when Common called out Drake for singing on his tracks like a “bitch.” The two lyrically bantered back and forth over a number of tracks and subliminal messages and the rest was history…until the Grammys.

According to Hip Hop Wired:

Apparently, both Drake and Common’s entourages happened to be in the same area at the end of the Grammy red carpet, near where artists were being distributed their VIP credentials to enter the Staples Center, according to a source in the latter’s camp. Common felt it was awkward for two men that had exchanged words in song to be in the same vicinity without saying anything to each other. With the two eyeballing each other intensely, Common asked Drake, “What’s up?”

Drake responded with a “What’s up?” of his own, and Common tried to approach him with the intent of speaking to the Toronto rapper one on one. However, Drake’s security and other members of his entourage defensively intervened in his progress. Allegedly Drake said, “Yo, I grew up listening to this dude, what’s the problem?,” while his security was telling Common, “We respect you, this isn’t necessary.” But Common wanted to talk to Drake “man to man,” angered that two rivals would cross paths and just not speak.

One of the members of Drake’s crew turned out to be his father, Dennis Graham, who told Common the two artists “need to cut this out, y’all are better than this.” According to the source, the elder Graham’s intervention made Com change his approach, with cooler heads prevailing and the two rappers eventually going off to the side and speaking to each other alone. Holding true to the words he said in an interview moments before, Common and Drake exchanged pounds, and told everyone in their respective camps the beef had been squashed.

Police did arrive after hearing about a commotion, however they did not need to intervene with the situation already having been settled.

We’re glad it came to a peaceful end because two grown men scuffling in suits on a red carpet is not a good look!

SOURCE: Hip Hop Wired