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Rihanna was getting it in at London hotspot Mahiki nightclub last night.

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The 24-year-old “Birthday Cake” singer is rumored to be letting ex Chris Brown put his name on her cakes again, but that didn’t stop Rihanna from getting what appears to be a new hickey on her neck.

RiRi left the club around 4am, sporting a glowing red mark on her neck. Who could have been sucking on Rihanna’s neck? She did tweet, “I thoroughly enjoyed the Brits tonight!!! Thank you #uKnavy”

But it wasn’t a Brit who was spotted leaving the club just an hour before Rihanna. It was Rob Kardashian!

The reality sibling is rumored to be dating Rihanna’s fellow Roc Nation alumni Rita Ora, who was spotted at a Sony Records party earlier in the night. 

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There’s no telling if the mark truly is a hickey or just a scratch, but something or someone had a field day on Rihanna’s neck last nite. 

Rihanna and Rob seem to be good friends so we wonder why he didn’t fight off the neck bandit who left Rihanna with a bright red passion mark.

Now the question is, will Rihanna’s passion marked neck make things complicated with Chris?