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You don’t need to apologize to us, LMFAO. We get it; you should have the right to “party rock.” 

Not everyone agrees, however, so the group decided to drop a video for the title track off of their Sorry For Party Rocking album. 

VIDEO: Lil Jon & LMFAO “Drink” 

As with any other LMFAO experience, expect straight up wildness. 

The video takes place in this half-cartoon, half-reality world so different that not even Kid n’ Play’s Kid, who makes a cameo at the end, can handle a wild party. 

MUSIC: Madonna, LMFAO, Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. “Give Me All Your Luvin” Remix 

The video starts off with an old couple (comically played by SkyBlu and Redfoo) arguing about LMFAO’s crazy party happening down the street. The old man goes to complain, but when he gets there, he gets shut down at the door and the party goes on.

The old man gets desperate and tries to call the police, but when they get there they just join in on the fun. 

And it’s not only police officers who party it up: it’s pizza delivery men, nurses and even David Hasselhoff, who makes a cameo.

What can we say, this video is nuts and no one parties like LMFAO.