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Deadmau5 amazed us all at this year’s Grammy Awards with such an original and fresh performance. 

Keeping up this originality, Deadmau5 released the original mix to his hit “Maths.” The original mix of “Maths” features a pulsating bass line and tings of electro-infused sounds. 

After releasing several different versions of the song, Deadmau5 decided to give his fans the original inspiration to all the variations of “Maths.” 

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Besides making some of the best electro-house music, Deadmau5 is a pretty good prankster.

During the Grammy red carpet, he wore a t-shirt with fellow DJ Skrillex’s actual phone number on it. Let’s just say Skrillex had to get a new number within a few hours. 

Deadmau5’s “Maths (Original Mix)” is now on sale and available for purchase at iTunes

Take a listen to “Maths (Original Mix)” and let us know if you like the original better than all the rest below!

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