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Irina Shayk is the definition of stunning on the front cover of the FHM South Africa March 2012 Issue.

The gorgeous Russian beauty shows off her sex appeal in the spread shot by Randall Slavin. In the cover story, Shayk talks about her leisurely passions, surprise interests and not being popular in school.

Check out the excerpts:

On not thinking she’d be a model: 
”I never thought of a career as a model and it was a total surprise for me when I won the contest and became Miss Chelyabinsk.”

On her leisurely passion:
 “I read a lot; my favorite writers are [Harukl] Murakami and [Fyodor] Dostoevsky. I like history books a lot and books about animals. I studied for seven years in a music school and I love classical music. But I also like hip-hop and R&B.”

On people in America versus Russia:
 “People in America are very emotional. Russian people can be a little cold, but maybe it’s the very cold winter… You cannot freeze a Russian woman anywhere; I don’t care if it’s Antarctica.”

On a surprise interest:
 “When I am in low spirits, I like to write funny poetry.”

On what she finds most attractive:
 “You need to be yourself, natural, the way you are. It’s the most attractive thing in the world.”

On not being popular in school:
 “Boys never liked me at school. They made fun of me because I had dark skin. [They] would make fun of me for being so tall and skinny.”

Irina Shayk also recently showed off her beautiful figure in the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.