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Having a roommate can be a nightmare. And if you don’t believe so, then this video should confirm it. 

Gorillaz just released the freaky new video for “DoYaThing,” the collaborative effort with Outkast’s Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

In the video, we go inside the life of Gorillaz lead singer, Stuart “2D” Pot (who’s looking a lot less animated these days). Poor Stuart shares a dingy, sloppy flat with a terrifying zombie.

The zombie has clearly taken over the house: he rides up and down the stair ride, he has some masked friend — who looks a lot like Andre 3K — jumping around, causing havoc and the zombie leaves his junk all around the house (mainly an ear when Stuart goes to make himself some toast).

Sounds like a nightmare to us. 

However, things get better for our hero at the end when a bamboo comes to the door and serves the tenants an eviction notice. Hmmm, we wonder why.

“DoYaThing” is the latest song and video from Converse’s three artists, one song series.

The video is out there to help promote a new limited edition Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection of sneakers, which is out now. 

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