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With an impressive list of models such as the Lincoln K-series, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Town Car and Lincoln Navigator, it’s evident that Lincoln has been loved throughout the years; staying fresh and relevant for decades.

Lincoln’s classic styles, as well as its longevity, have helped the brand make a name for itself.  

It has provided a legacy of luxury and the utmost quality since World War I. More recently, the beloved automobile manufacturer has added the all-new 2012 luxury crossover SUV, Lincoln MKX, to the mix.  

Its sleek, classic exterior design is sure to turn heads, while its top-of-the-line technology features will satisfy the needs of any owner, as well as any passenger looking for a digital fix. It’s a genuinely well-rounded car, inside and out.

Even with celebrities, who more times than not have an indispensable amount of money to spend on any car they desire, it seems that Lincoln remains a top contender for purchase.

Take a look at all the celebrities that love Lincoln just as much as the rest of us!