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Gucci has a long, rich history for making quality leather goods exclusively in Italy. If you’ve wanted to know exactly how your favorite Gucci bag was made, or what it took to get a bag through the production process, then we’ve got a treat for you.

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The good folks over at Materialiste got a chance to document all the background work that goes into making Gucci products.

We found out that Gucci employs hundreds of craftsmen who construct about 50,00 leather goods each year and at Gucci, every single craftsman has at least ten years experience.

The factory is located in a small town named Casellina near Florence, Italy and it’s filled with rooms containing different fabrics, including ones with exotic animal skins, purchased specifically for Gucci to make handbags and luggage out of.

The bamboo handles and accents Gucci is known for are hand polished and curved with the help of a blowtorch, which means that each piece containing bamboo is made individually.

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The special order trunks are hand crafted for over a month by only two craftsmen. Only 8 – 10 are made each year and can range in price from $40,000 – $320,000.

We could go on and on about what they make, but you can take a look at all the behind the scenes action in the gallery above.