After a couple pictures leaked last month of Vogue Italia’s controversial cover story “Haute Mess,” the final and full editorial has been published. Many are outraged by the spread, claiming it’s in poor taste. 

Vogue Italia Removes Karlie Kloss’s Image … But Why?

Steven Meisel teamed up with Italian Vogue to shoot what was supposed to be a humorous article depicting the craziness of fashion expressed though wild threads and over the top hair and makeup, but some publications believe that the elite fashion magazine was trying to be funny in an inappropriate way. 

Vibe magazine released a statement on their opinion of the article, which they are calling borderline racist:

Vogue Italia Features “Slave Earrings,” Are You Grabbing A Pair?

Many are raising an eyebrow at the photos because the women seem to be projecting some stereotypes. For example the hair styles of the models can be seen at almost every black hair show…I will give Vogue Italia the benefit of the doubt that it was not their intention to be racist or offend anyone, but let’s keep it real for a minute: How many white girls [or any other ethnic backgrounds for that matter] do you know that dress or look like this? Exactly. Racist may be a little harsh of a word to describe this editorial, but it was definitely done in poor taste and judgment.

Not new to controversy, Vogue Italia posted an inappropriate piece last year titled ‘Slave Earring’ referring to big hoop-like earrings. They later removed the article from the site and apologized.

We’re not sure what the message Vogue was trying to send out here, but offending people should not be one of them. Vogue Italia has yet to release a statement in reply to critical reviews.

SOURCE: fashionista

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