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Rihanna‘s father said Chris Brown is cool in his book. That stamp of approval is one step that must be check off the list in order for the former couple to get back together. RiRi’s pop said, “Chris is a nice guy and everybody’s entitled to make mistakes in their life.”

DETAILS: Rihanna’s Dad Is Cool With Chris Brown!

Honestly, it’s no secret that the two pop super stars have been toying with the idea of getting back together. Through songs and tweets, they’ve made advances towards each other, but what would it take for them to actually make it official again? 

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Well, we have 5 steps that need to be taken in order for them to get together again. 

Counseling – Chris and Rihanna are both two talented individuals, but before their love can flourish the way we know it can, they have to get counseling. Not the kind that Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew dishes out. Real counseling from a real doctor who gets paid a lot of money. 

Get Approval from Jay-Z – Now that Rihanna’s dad isn’t holding any grudges against Chris Brown, it’s time for her to convince Jay-Z to forgive Breezy. How she does this we do not know. Maybe she can wear blue for the next few years or convince her best friend Melissa to be a sacrificial lamb and throw herself at Jay’s best friend Ty Ty for the greater good. Regardless of methods, she needs to do something to win back Hova’s trust.

Peace it up with Karrueche – Believe it or not, Karrueche holds the key. So throwing shade in the form of Lil Kim lyrics and rice cakes might be funny, but it ain’t going to get back Chris Brown. Instead she needs to befriend Karrueche. Take her under the wing and If necessary – seduce her! We all know RiRi has the power to turn women on like a light switch.

Find Karruche a man! – Not just any man. Another man on Chris Brown’s level. Until that happens Karrueche ain’t going nowhere. Which means Chris Brown ain’t going nowhere.

Catch Bin Laden – Or in this case, Joseph Kony. Rihanna has been going hard for the Stop Kony movement, which sparked a social uproar this week. Well, if Chris wants Rihanna back, he should catch Kony himself. Think about what happened when Obama killed Bin Laden. For that month afterwards, even members of the Klan were practically wearing Obama shirts! If Chris catches Kony, he can do whatever he wants to do!

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