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When decorating a hotel room, we can see how an interior designer could be torn between two ideas. But French graffiti artist TILT was very sure of what he was doing when he decorated the “Panic Room.”
The “Panic Room” is the final product of what started as a blank canvas at the Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseille, France. What began as a basic room with everything colored white, turned into a room where only half was blank, the other half was completely covered in graffiti. 

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Tilt and a few of his friends went right down the middle of the room and just went H.A.M. all over one half of the space. They made no exceptions. There is a mirror in the room that has graffiti covering half of it, simply because it was between the blank and painted areas.

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When an entire half of a room is your canvas, there’s no telling what will happen. TILT and his crew took the opportunity to “bomb” the entire thing as if it were a subway car in the ’80s.

You can check out a few pictures of the “Panic Room” in the gallery above, as well as see how TILT and his crew did the piece in the video below.


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