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Can A$AP Rocky speak his mind?! 

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky Meets His Namesake Rakim!

Just as we suspected, A$AP Rocky might have been way too hot to grace the cover of XXL’s coveted Freshman Class issue. 

A$AP Rocky aired it all out during a very candid interview with FUSE at this year’s SXSW festival. And let’s be clear, A$AP Rocky didn’t hold anything back and wasn’t sparing any feelings. 

When FUSE asked A$AP Rocky about the controversy surrounding his absence on the cover of XXL’s 2012 Freshmen Class issue, Rocky aired it all out. 

“Personally, I’ma speak my mind. A lot of those motherf*ckers on the list are corny as f*ck, but um, shout out to Danny Brown.”

We guess that clears up any rumors about why Rocky didn’t take XXL up on their offer.

NEW VIDEO: A$AP Rocky “Wassup”

So it seems like A$AP Rocky dissed everyone in the 2012 Freshmen Class minus his homie – Detroit rapper Danny Brown. And let’s not forget that he was rumored to be dating Freshman Class honoree Iggy Azalea! 

Besides having a few choice words for the 2012 Freshmen Class, A$AP Rocky also took the time to clear up a few rumors regarding his forthcoming album and forthcoming A$AP MOB projects, due out this summer.

It’s pretty clear A$AP Rocky may have been too cool for XXL’s 2012 Freshmen Class, but do you agree with his declaration of “corny” rappers on the cover of XXL’s Freshman issue? 

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