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Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson nailed it as they partied hard on the set of Spring Breakers in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. 

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If you’ve been to a spring break celebration in Florida, then you’ve seen the scene above, as the bikini clad women wave their tops in the air like they just don’t care while sipping beer and having a good time. 

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On set the trio, alongside co-star Rachel Korine, were filming a party scene with loud music playing at a hotel as fellow spring breakers drank and danced.

Selena Gomez even repped for her co-star Rachel Korine and tweeted: 

Hey guys just so you know Rachel Korine does NOT have a twitter. Shes on Springbreakers with me! She’s lovely! Just letting y’all know!”

Also a highlight on set: there were a few female extras dancing topless. Guns, alcohol and topless dancing. This movie is far away from Disneyland!