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Protestors are walking hand-in-hand for a march led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and Trayvon Martin’s parents as they head to the Sanford Civic Center where city commissioners plan to discuss the racially charged issue of the on-going shooting death case of Trayvon Martin.

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Marchers, many in hoodies to show solidarity with Trayvon, walked past Sanford City Hall and the Seminole County Courthouse downtown today chanting “no justice, no peace.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson yelled as he marched, “The death of Trayvon Martin…has touched a raw nerve.”

Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, arrived with civil rights leader Al Sharpton; Jackson will speak at the City Commission meeting at 401 E. Seminole Blvd.

Buses from Palm Beach County unloaded people clamoring to attend the meeting. Dozens of members of the Palm Beach Urban League got out, some chanting Trayvon’s name.

The civic center has seating for about 460 people. Large screens and speakers will broadcast the meeting at nearby Fort Mellon Park for the expected overflow crowd.

About 30 percent of the seats inside went to Trayvon’s relatives and any remaining openings will be available to the general public.

By meeting time, a long line had formed outside the building. The crowd included locals and out-of-towners.

Rev Al Sharpton is now addressed the the city commission saying he had over 2 million signatures & asks for the immediate arrest of Zimmerman. As he left tthe stage the crowd chanted “Do the right thing.”

Taking the stage next was Trayvon’s father Tracy, who told the crowd:

“The greatest gift god can give a man, is a son. We are not asking for an eye for an eye, we are asking for justice.” 

Tracy continued telling the packed center:

“George Michael Zimmerman killed Trayvon Benjamin Martin in cold blood, Zimmerman took my son away from me.”

Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, took the stage next saying:

“I’m trying to get through this without tears…My heart is broken…That was my baby.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson took the stage next telling the packed in crowd:

“This is easter time, you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified. We come more than asking for him to be arrested today – I ask we join hands together to repeal this law.”

Jackson continued saying:

“The whole world is watching Sanford today. The whole world is watching Florida today…This is America on trial.”

Jackson is referring to the controversial “Stand your ground law,” which states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat.

Trayvon was shot to death Feb. 26 by neighborhood watch coordinator George Zimmerman, who reported the 17-year-old to police as a suspicious person in his Retreat at Twin Lakes community. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie at the time, prompting nationwide protests by people wearing hoodies.

Zimmerman told Sanford officers after the shooting that Trayvon punched him, knocking him to the ground, then banged his head into the pavement as he cried out for help.

Trayvon’s family says he was the one calling for help.

Zimmerman has not been arrested, provoking nationwide protests, the appointment of a special prosecutor and even a comment from President Barack Obama. The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI also are investigating.

Take a look at the march with photos provided by Michael Skolnik, the Editor-In-Chief of GlobalGrind.com and the political director to Russell Simmons. Follow him on Twitter @MichaelSkolnik.

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