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Nardwuar is back with an all-new installment of his thorough, yet hilarious interview videos.

This time, ‘the human serviette’ tackles Bad Boy’s wild boy Machine Gun Kelly.

The interview proceeds as usual, with Nardwuar presenting a few nostalgic gifts to MGK until it all goes left – but in a good way!

Turns out, MGK decided to do a little extensive research of his own and dug up some information about the man who seems to somehow know it all. 

VIDEO: A$AP Mob Meets Nardwuar At SXSW 

Ever heard of The Evaporators? No? Well us neither!

But MGK did, and even sung a lyric to jog ‘the human serviette’s’ memory: “I don’t need my friends to tell me who my friends are.”

Turns out The Evaporators is Nardwaur’s own band – info widely unknown to the majority of the public. Suffice it to say, Nardwaur was entirely caught off guard, yet clearly appreciative of MGK’s thoughtful gestures. 

MUSIC: Machine Gun Kelly & Cassie “Warning Shot”

How could you not like MGK after this?! 

Click play to watch the wild boy take a walk down memory lane, show off his tats and flip the script! 

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