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Louis Vuitton has thought of a creative way to promote the belts included in their spring/summer 2012 presentation. If you’re a fan of graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, or if you just happened to like the intro of Catch Me If You Can, the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you may like this video.

VIDEO: Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2012 Presentation Was Seriously A Trip!

A Notch on Louis Vuitton’s Belt follows a guy around who just cannot seem to hold on to his belt. A lot of guys have experienced their girlfriends “borrowing” things from their wardrobe, but this guy has it bad!

Throughout the video, animated versions of Vuitton’s latest collection can be seen.

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We can’t wait for the colored epi leather logo belts, even though we are pretty sure they will cost a ridiculous amount of money, with the current LV logo belts costing anywhere from $460-$550.

A Notch on Louis Vuitton’s Belt was created by Jo Ratcliff. You can check it out in the video above.

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