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Award winning singer Robin Thicke released his smash album Love After War and is still riding high off the success of his fifth studio album. 

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GlobalGrind caught up with Robin Thicke to ask him about love after war, married life with his wife, actress Paula Patton, working with Lil Wayne and of course, being a father to baby Julian Fuego. 

In every Hollywood marriage, keeping a relationship hot and spicy can be a daunting task, but Robin Thicke and his wifey seem to have it all figured out. 

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Robin revealed how he and Paula Patton keep their marriage hot, and he also revealed that the couple’s adorable son Julian Fuego has an affinity for music just like his father. 

Check out our exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: Are you working on a sixth album?

Robin Thicke: Yes. I’m always writing, always working. But nowhere near complete yet, but always working.

What’s one thing you’re most proud of with Love After War?

I don’t know – just that it’s from the heart, you know what I mean? That’s the only thing every artist can be proud of. You’d love for it to reach as many people as possible, but I can’t control that. All I can control is giving everything I got. So, that’s the best I got right now (laughs).

What is it like working with Lil Wayne?

It’s amazing. He can do anything, so I know I can send him a rock song or fast song or a love song and he can write something clever. He’s extremely versatile.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

My favorite singers are Marvin and Stevie and Michael and Al Green and Otis Redding. Those are my favorites probably — and the Beatles.

If you could work with anybody, who would you work with?

I really don’t have any desire right now to work with anybody else. Just try to keep on making my own stuff. My music is so personal it’s hard to want to share it. It’s like sharing my blanky nowadays, you know? (laughs).

Out of all the people you’ve worked with, who’s been your favorite?

It’s hard to top Michael Jackson or Mary J. Blige. I mean those two are — they are in their own world. Those are probably my two favorite.

Do you remember what your last dream was?

There was definitely a party involved. I was definitely in a party and it was a lot of fun, and I was trying to make sure everyone else was having a good time. That’s what most of my dreams are about.

At least you don’t have bad dreams.

Yeah, my bad dreams are like, I can’t get back to the party. That’s a bad dream. (laughs)

If I sent you to a deserted island and you can only bring three albums, what albums would you bring?

Oh, Lord have mercy! That’s a tough one. Definitely Bob Marley’s Legend, that works on the island, Marvin Gaye What’s Going On and Otis Redding’s (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.

Besides making music, what’s your favorite thing to do?

Be with my wife. Just spend time with her because we’re both very busy.

Your son is turning two soon, right?

Yes, two in a couple of weeks.

How rewarding is it to be a father?

As anybody knows, there’s absolutely nothing that can compare. He’s the best part of everyday and he’s adorable, sitting here in the kitchen right now having blueberries and yogurt.

What’s the funniest thing that he does?

I don’t know, probably his DJing. He got this little fake turntable and he presses all these different sounds and he has a different dance for each little sound that comes out. He’s a performer already. He loves it.

Children respond so strongly to music.

He loves his music and he DJ’s in the back seat. He doesn’t like certain songs and he knows exactly what songs he wants to hear.

Does he recognize when you’re on the radio?

Yeah, he does. He recognizes my voice even if it’s a song he’s never heard before. If one of my songs comes on, he’ll look right at me and go “dada!”

Did you sing him lullabies at nighttime?

Oh yeah, I always sing him lullabies. Sometimes I sing him a song I’m working on. 

What’s the method to your madness? How would you describe your creative process to doing your art and your music?

I try not to over conceptualize. I try to just express and write whatever I’m feeling at that moment and then once I get a body of work or a collection of songs that are starting to sound good enough to release, then I start to see what the common thread is between them. 

What’s the most difficult issue you face in the music industry?

I don’t concern myself with the industry or the business side. It’s my job to make music that still sounds good in 20 years. If you make music people love, most of the time they’re going to find it. 

If I gave you a magic lamp and you can have three wishes, what would you wish for?

A vacation! 

Where would you want to go?

I don’t know. Anywhere with my lady in Cabo or St. Tropez or anything where there is a beach and happy drinks (laughs). The other two things would just be a healthy baby and a happy wife.

How do you and Paula get through the weeks and times when you’re not together? How do you make it work? Do you guys Skype?

Yeah, we do a little Skyping here and there. We’re best friends, so we’re in constant contact. When we get to see each other — when we are together, we’re peas in a pod. We’re very lucky that way.

What’s one thing people should know to help make their relationship work?

You just gotta try. You have to pick somebody to try for everyday and luckily I have the right person. But really it’s just about — love is not a feeling, it’s a daily effort. You got to try.

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