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Arizona Muse has to be the most alluring model to have hit the scene since the Kate Moss days; she effortlessly masters the art of fashion and the art muse as a whole.

It’s ironic how the 23-year-old model rose to the top of the couture game after having a child; booking more shows, campaigns etc., which is something that most models who have children already established before motherhood. 

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Arizona chatted with the Telegraph UK about her crazy speedy track to the top and how she doesn’t push the act of having a baby before you’re where you want to be in your career. However, she does like all the perks she’s received after having son Nikko, including her body, image and acknowledgement in the fashion world:

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“I think the others were established before they had children. I had a child and then became established, which I would not recommend doing! I highly recommend getting your career established first and then having children.”

“I think my body was better after I had a child, actually. I prefer my body now to what it was like before I had Nikko — although I exercise now and I didn’t then. I remember my mom saying that after you have a baby you get really thin. So you gain all that weight and then you just lose it and keep losing it. You’re breastfeeding and you’re busy and you’re tired… so that helped. That was conveniently timed.”

Arizona appears in the latest NEXT campaign with son Nikko, so check out the gallery above of the fashion world’s latest muse.

SOURCE: styleite