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It’s another Monday! Hopefully you had a great weekend and Easter/Passover holiday. The work week is here again and in order to help you wind down a bit, we have got some cool things for you guys to do today, especially if you happen to be in the windy city of Chicago. Check it out in today’s installment of Dollars & Sense.

Visit The Picasso Statue:

If you are a fan of fine art, and even more specifically, Pablo Picasso, the city’s famous Picasso Statue may be a great sight for you. Created in 1967, this enormous statue was created from a model made by Picasso and is over 50 feet tall. The contemporary and stylish statue is simply referred to as ‘The Picasso’ by locals but you can call it whatever you want when you check it out for free.


Richard J. Daley Plaza Civic Center

50 West Washington Boulevard

Chicago, 60602

Illinois, USA


Go See A Foreign Film:

Today at 8pm, head down to Transistor where they will be showing Olivier Assayas’ film Fin Août, Début Septembre (Late August, Early September).
The movie is French with English subtitles, but have no worries, the subject matter is very universal. It’s about a group of thirtysomethings coping with death, and the impending death of someone close.
Assayas has been known to make “New World thriller” themed movies but Late August, Early September is more of an everyday conversational piece that fans of the director are not used to seeing. You get to see it for free, even if you are not familiar with the director’s work.


Financial Tip Of The Day

Carry Only Your Debit Card

Some may argue that solely using your debit card may make it too easy to not keep track of your finances, however constantly having cash may be just as detrimental to your saving. The easy access that you afford yourself by constantly carrying cash makes is too easy to spend frivolously on small things that you would not normally buy. Additionally, some of the smaller stores do not accept debit cards and will force you to decide against spending because of the limited access to your money. It may not happen this way all the time, however the few times that it does happen will save you some quick cash.

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