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When it comes to Kanye West‘s mind, we all know he’s a genius.  That’s pretty much common knowledge, right?

But, for their December/January issue, Complex Magazine decided to truly delve into Kanye West’s beautiful dark twisted psyche, with a trip to Hawaii during the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And their most revealing discoveries came from Ms. Nicki Manaj.

Complex Magazine got first-hand accounts from the super star supporting cast who worked on the album. We get to hear their opinions on what it was like working with Kanye West.  

Complex talked to Pete Rock, Pusha T, Q-Tip and more, but it was Nicki Minaj’s comments that stood out the most to us. The two super emcees, who are going head-to-head with albums coming out on the same day, have a ton of respect for each other. 

On her first time meeting Kanye West, Nicki reveals:

‘I heard through Drake that Kanye wanted me on his album, and I got on the next thing smokin’ to Hawaii. I didn’t think that he was gonna like me. I always figured that he was one of those conscious rappers, so I thought that he wouldn’t want girls to be dressed overtly sexy—and I go to the studio and he has nothing but pictures of naked women on his computer that he’d invite me to look at. They were really artsy pictures, but you know he loves nudity, so it was a complete shock to me, ’cause I thought I had him all figured out, but I didn’t. He was watching porn when we were in the studio—no shame in his game.’


Nicki also explains how Kanye caught her sleeping on the job!

‘Kanye kept askin’ me to come and eat breakfast, but I like to record in the morning. So, when they were eating breakfast, I was in the studio listening to music and writing. And he would always be like, ‘Yo, why you ain’t never come over for breakfast, yo?’ But I never went. I would get to the studio at like 10:30 in the morning and he’d be leaving to go home and eat breakfast and I’d be getting to the studio to just write and record. I stayed late sometimes, but I was always getting sleepy. I get up at 6 in the morning, so midnight is late for me. One time he caught me nodding off, and I thought maybe he would kick me out. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. You know how you’re sitting up and you don’t realize that you’ve just fallen asleep, but it feels like an eternity? When I picked up my head from sleeping, he was looking at me in the strangest way I’ve ever been looked at by a human being. He pulled his shades down and he looked and said, ‘Oh, she’s sleeping?’ I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. [Laughs.]

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