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“Tupac Back” has been the mantra everyone’s been screaming since the reveal of his life-like hologram performance at Coachella Music Festival this past Sunday.

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Dr. Dre and the digital company that recreated Tupac’s image as a digital projection have gotten so much praise over the past 72 hours, but after rumors began swirling about Tupac’s hologram is going on tour, some critics say it could potentially tarnish the late great veteran’s legacy. 

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In an exclusive interview with GlobalGrind, Common expressed his thoughts on Tupac’s hologram performance at Coachella and the polarizing views of a rumored hologram tour.

We caught u with Common at Western Union’s Thanks A Thousand Campaign event to launch a $1,000 a day give-a-way until June 17th.

“I think the fact that we can continue to pay homage to what Tupac meant to hip-hop and to music and to the culture is great. Unfortunately the brother passed, but the fact that we can give people the vehicle for people to enjoy and remember what he means to music and our culture is great as a whole.”  

Do you think it’s a good idea for Tupac’s hologram to embark on a U.S. tour? Or should we let Tupac R.I.P.? 

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