Earlier this month Beyonce launched her new website, which boasted over 150 personal pictures of the Queen herself posing with friends, with family, or solo having a blast. The site has a section called where there are tons of personal moments that shed light on the real Beyonce.

PHOTOS: Rihanna Shares Her Topless Moments On Facebook

But Queen Bey is not the first singer to share her very personal moments with adoring fans. Rihanna has been sharing her private moments on her Facebook fan page for quite some time now. The photo section is filled with pics of Rihanna hanging out with her friends, mugging for the cameras, behind the scenes on tours and etc. etc. 

Last night was no different. As Rihanna uploaded over 150 pictures of her recent Hawaiian vacation, we started to see a lot of similarities between Beyonce’s website and Rihanna’s Facebook page. 

PHOTOS: Rihanna Puffs A Blunt On Coachella

Beyonce puffs big cigars, and Rihanna inhales cigars and blunts. They both like to put their feet in the sand, and hang off yachts in the middle of tropical waters. They both have bangin’ bikini bods and dig chillin’ with their friends. 

But the question remains: who has the better photo galleries? Is it bodacious Beyonce or red hot RiRi? Take a look at our gallery of some of their best pics and let us know in the poll below!

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