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Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom has written songs for the music industry’s elite, but he’s stepping out of the shadows of songwriting and into the limelight of a star. 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kevin Cossom Talks Being Signed To Danja & The Hook Vs. Bridge II 

With his the release of his new EP Hook Vs. Bridge II, Kevin’s creating his own lane in R&B.

Fame and celebrity often seem like a dream come true, but for most celebrities like Kevin Cossom the road to riches wasn’t easy.  

Music has always been apart of Kevin’s upbringing, but his humble beginnings have put many things in perspective for the budding solo artist.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kevin Cossom Talks Going Hard In The Paint & His Favorite Things

GlobalGrind caught up with the “Things People Do” singer to talk about his journey through music and find out where it all began. 

Take a look a GlobalGrind’s exclusive interview with Kevin below!

When did you start making music?

My mom always had me singing. I was singing in the backseat in the car seat, singing along with the radio and keeping the melody. She always knew I had some type of musical gifts, so she kept me active with music. She put me with a group when I was six, in church and we traveled a lot and all of that.

When I turned 14-years-old, I got in a group and that’s when I really started to get familiar with recording. We recorded in a closest at first. It was a home studio, with a booth in the closest. I really noticed, “yo, I really like doing this.” So around 14-years-old is when I was kind of like “yeah, I think I want to do this for a living.” But I had been singing before that, but to be introduced to the whole recording process, be in a group with my friends, travel and perform and go out of town—we missed school. Then I would say around 17-years-old is when I started taking the writing and creative end a little more serious.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I don’t know, I like people who just do it their way. Rebels of the music game. I do the songwriting thing, but I feel like I’m a producer as well. I’m a fan of people who just are really into the creative process. It’s funny because I went through different phases.

When I said I was younger, I was in a group and I got out of that group, and I got into another group. So I grew up listening to a lot of Mint Condition, 112, Boys II Men, you know, a lot of groups.

When I got older I started going back, listening to that Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonders and even Prince. When the 90s came in, that was something different: R. Kelly…

The Jodeci’s…

Yeah! Joints like Jodeci. That was a whole different vibe in R&B. It was a lot of people that inspired—I was just a fan of R&B music. I went to a point where R&B didn’t inspire me as much and I just got really into hip-hop. In hip-hop you had to have your own style if you were going to win, and I felt like to a certain point R&B just start to sound the same.

Yeah, you got to experiment a little bit.

Yeah, and that’s kind of how we get to my mixtape By Any Means. Especially with doing choruses for a lot of hip-hop people. I really got into the rap and the hip-hop genre. But I don’t know, I like Pharrell and Jimmy.

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