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Being able to see vintage Notorious B.I.G footage never gets old! (no pun intended)

While on set shooting the visuals to one of his best story telling tracks “Warning,” Big Poppa indulged the Video Source with an exclusive behind the scenes look to how it all goes down.

VIDEO: We’ll Always Love Big Poppa: New Throwback Footage Of Biggie Performing 

In the first few minutes of the clip, Biggie takes a moment to speak on the success of his debut studio album Ready To Die.

But even with all the hype and acclaim surrounding the now classic project, B.I.G. still keeps it humble, reflecting on how his mother and daughter can live comfortably. 

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Bad Boy general Diddy also makes a few cameos as well. Though the clip is a certified throwback, Biggie tunes will never get old! 

Check out the old video above!

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