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Earlier this week, 11 members of President Obama’s Secret Service were sent packing after allegations were made regarding their involvement with prostitutes in Catagena, Colombia.

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The personnel were part of the Uniformed Division Officers, who are not accountable for protecting the President directly. Allegations about the men say they paid for prostitutes at Catagena’s 5-star hotel Caribe.

The men were sent home immediately by the Director of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan.

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According to MSNBC, the case came to light after one of the alleged prostitutes got into a dispute with two Secret Service personnel who refused to pay their fee of $50 dollars.

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House, Peter King, has been briefed by Sullivan and released a statement saying:

“They have all their IDs and are conducting an extensive background check to make sure they aren’t affiliated with any narcotrafficking or terrorist group or that they could be minors. So far there is no security breach.”

Author of In the President’s Secret Service, Ron Kessler, spoke on the incident saying:

“This really is the biggest scandal in the history of the Secret Service. The agency’s problems are deeply rooted. There’s a culture in the Secret Service that’s fostered by the management of just nodding, winking, favoritism… What the agency needs is an outside director who can come in, clean house, change the standards.”

This is certainly a case that does not look good for the Obama administration. We hope that the Secret Service personnel face justice.

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Photo Credit: MSNBC