Chris Brown is not one to hold anything back. We’ve been a fly on the wall of his life since he was a young 16-year-old, and as he reaches into his early 20’s, we feel like we’ve known him forever.

PHOTOS: Chris & Karrueche Take Flight!

But, unfortunately, no matter how well we know someone, there’s still some things that should be left unsaid, like the following:

Sorry Chris, we love you, but that’s TMI.

Chris is currently down under with his cutie Karrueche where the couple has been posting pics of their trip left and right. Chris decided to take to Instagram in the wee hours of the morning and share his exciting news with us.

Well, maybe not exciting, but at least we know everythings working OK.

VIDEO: Chris Brown Performs “Birthday Cake” In Australia

Check out CB with his pants down and some other artsy instagram shots in the gallery above!

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