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Biggie’s back! Well, kind of. 

VIDEO: TUPAC BACK! Tupac’s Hologram Performs At Coachella!

“Flower Punk” band Black Lips decided to hop on the resurrection bandwagon and brought back late great rapper Notorious B.I.G. at Coachella.

Now, this isn’t a cool expensive 3D hologram like Tupac’s resurrection, but the Black Lips did bring out a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Biggie. 

Biggie’s cardboard cut-out is definitely not as cool as Tupac’s hologram, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

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Black Lips took it upon themselves to bring out Biggie dressed in all white when they performed a cover of his smash hit “Hypnotize” during their set. 

The crowd definitely got a kick out of the nice gesture, and rocked out to “Hypnotize” Black Lips style for the rest of the set. 

Talk about life after death! 

Check out the photos of Biggie on stage at Coachella in the gallery above!

SOURCE: PigeonsAndPlanes