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The boss, Russell Simmons, was recently photographed in SoHo hanging out with his friend, the beautiful Angela Martini. The photos have lead to speculation that the two might be dating, but we all know the paparazzi often have a way of framing things to making situations look like something they’re not.

We caught up with Angela recently to get the truth behind her relationship with the boss man and she didn’t hold back. Check out our exclusive below…

GlobalGrind: There’s some rumors in the press right now about some photos that are out there, can you tell us about that?

Angela Martini: The paparazzi pictures! Russell and me are very good friends, and we were just in SoHo. I’m sure they took a hundred pictures, and they decided to specifically choose those photos. They kind of look like something, but it was nothing. We were just talking!

How would you describe your relationship with Russell?

He’s an amazing guy … the nicest person ever, and we are very close friends. Really, really close friends! I can call him about anything and he can call me about anything.

How do you feel about the paparazzi? Does the attention bother you?

It used to, but not anymore. Right now I’m loving it. I’m enjoying it. I laugh! I wake up every morning I hear my friends say, “Angela! What’s going on this week?” It’s fun. I like it because it’s entertaining.