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Hi Global Grinders its @rosaacosta!

I am from Dominican Republic, born and raised. I have only been here for four years. I moved to LA because I’m trying to take all this buzz and all of these things that have been going on in my life to the next level. I’m taking acting classes and I’m back to my dancing again, I’m taking jazz and hip hop. I’m not taking ballet anymore because I’m too heavy for that.

After I’m done with the acting classes I’m going to have a coach in filmmaking and I’m going to take a class to minimize my accent to control it. I just want to be able to control my accent and just tone it down when they want me to.

I have been in a few castings and I have been picked for a few things that we are going to be shooting in another month or so. I am also working on this other project called “Los Blancos”.  It’s starring me and Shakur Sozahdah and we have a really great cast. We have private investors and we’ve already shot the 1st episode.

The story is about two Spanish sisters that love their father and they have to take care of the family business which is drug dealing. I am the youngest sister. The fact that I love my father shows that I’m not really bad, but we are killing people and doing drug deals. My character is a little crazy, I usually sleep with all the guys and make them deal drugs for me.  I had to dress sexy and I was so embarrassed.

I was living in New York and the reason why I moved to LA was because I wanted to take everything to the next level. I know that here there are more opportunities as far as acting. I moved here and I’m back to taking acting and dance classes and I’m just really excited.


When it comes to love scenes, I wanted to run away from the set. I guess I kind of have to get used to it because my character will always have crazy scenes with guys, you know they come in and out of the show it’s just like guys that I use and if they mess up a job, I’m going to have to kill them. It really feels weird to kiss somebody that you don’t know. I felt comfortable because it was professional, but it’s still weird.

I have never had a regular job, so coming from Dominican Republic I have been working since I was 15 years old. I had a scholarship in the dance school that I was studying in so they were training me to be a teacher. I have been teaching since I was 15 and when I graduated at 18 I became a part of the Dominican National Ballet and I danced there for four years. I was still teaching when I went to college for business over there.

After I finished my concert for Dominican National Ballet and graduated college I came here and went to school for massage therapy because they didn’t transfer the credits from my school. I felt I have to do something else but I didn’t want to go back to school for four years so I felt, let me do something that I’m good at. Every one always told me that I’m really good at massages. I love to serve and help and I used to be a volunteer in the Dominican Republic in a hospital.  

I have always seen myself working in a hospital or working with kids. I thought, this is going to be perfect, so I went to school for massage therapy and I used to bartend on the side. I was doing promotional modeling. I was working for Coors Light, modeling here and there and I would do a music video here and there. I was not pursuing it, I didn’t even want to do it. I just had my focus on wanti