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Last week, Lana Del Rey premiered her unusual and stylistic “Carmen” video.

The video takes place in New York City during the summer, but there’s also a lot of weird imagery. The visuals include shots of pictures of chemical strains of meth, and there is a sound clip of someone saying, “How does meth change our brains?”

VIDEO: Lana Del Rey “Carmen” 

There are already thousands of comments for the video on YouTube, but there’s one that stands out as being powerful. A commentator wrote this:

“My best friend in the world just got clean off meth a few months ago, and when I showed her this song we realized this song hit such a soft spot for both of us … as soon as I watched the video and saw the “how does meth change our brains” part I just lost it and bawled my eyes out … It’s like this song has a hidden meaning only my friend and I can understand, and I wish I could meet Lana and tell her how her music affected us, but I know she’ll never see this. Love her.”

To this message, Lana replied: 

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“i see you. love you. i got clean too so i know how it goes”

Lana doesn’t say what drug she got clean from, and who knows if it’s meth or not, but it’s still an interesting revelation. 

Watch the Carmen video again above, look at her comment and tell us what you think. 

SOURCE: PopCrush