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It looks like Lindsay Lohan has got herself a new gal pal and who could it be?

Woody Allen‘s wife, Soon-Yi Pr  evin… we know! Strange right?!

The two were spotted leaving a fancy dinner at Philippe’s in NYC last night and film maker Woody Allen wasn’t too far away, exiting before them.

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According to sources this link up isn’t that shocking. Lilo has reportedly been friends with Woody for years now and he is one of her biggest supporters.

It hasn’t been made official if the two are set to work together but there has been talk that they’ve thrown around some idea and Lohan could star in one of Allen’s future films.

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Wouldn’t that be major? We haven’t seen Lohan on the big screen for quite some time and she’s way over due for a comeback.

Do you guys still care for a Lohan big screen comeback? Check out Lilo leaving dinner with Soon-Yi in the accompanying gallery.