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Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna grew up believing in the power of music and its ability to heal and inspire people of all races, religions and creeds. 

NEW MUSIC: Yuna & Pharrell Williams “Live Your Life”

Yuna got her start in music when she decided to post songs on MySpace back in 2006. Singing English and Malay songs, Yuna has been able to inspire two seemingly different worlds with nothing more than her beautiful voice. 

After receiving a call from the Fader label and with a little convincing, Yuna packed up her things and arrived in the United States with new aspirations and endless opportunities at her fingertips. 

VIDEO: Yuna “Come As You Are”

GlobalGrind sat down with Yuna to talk about her breakout single “Live Your Life,” her friendship with producer Pharrell Williams and of course, her new music. 

Check out our exclusive interview below!

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