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It’s a porn world, well at least a porn country! It was revealed that the viewing of pornographic videos and photos has risen in recent years in the U.S. – especially among teens.

STORY: That’s That Nasty Sh*t: America’s Dirtiest Cities 

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation in California, elementary school children are developing addictions to online pornography, eliciting worries that it’s vastly turning into a national epidemic.

With the advent of smartphones, laptops and other portable devices, gaining access to porn has become way easier.

The foundation found that seven out of ten teenagers have viewed pornography on the Internet, with boys at greater risk than girls, while more than two-thirds of both boys and girls who viewed porn under the age of 18 described feeling shock or surprise (65 percent of boys and 78 percent of girls).

Similarly, Orlando, Florida, has been crowned America’s most porn-addicted city.

According to Men’s Health Magazine, statistics based on the amount of X-rated DVDs purchased, rented or streamed, showed that the number of adult entertainment stores; porn searches on Google; and Cinemax-subscribing households have risen over the years.

Seems like America is all about sex, drugs and guns, as the internet is the biggest source of pornographic material and pulls in roughly $4.9 billion per year worldwide.

A recent study found that eight out of ten men looked at porn on the internet – compared to one-third of women, with men spending an average of two hours a week watching pornography on the ‘net, compared with just 15 minutes for women.

Orlando is the freakiest city in America when it comes to the X-rated flicks. Let’s look at other cities that rose to the challenge of dirtiest places for porn.