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Did Lil Wayne break up with his fiance Dhea?! 

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We haven’t seen the pair together in quite sometime, and now rumors are flying the couple is already dunzo! Word on the street is that Dhea did a sexy photo shoot and opened up a Twitter page, and Weezy felt she was trying to get famous off his name, so he kicked her to the curb. 

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While we can’t confirm the breakup, we can say that Weezy tweeted, “Like my girl low key, no photoshoots, no twitter, no none of dat sh!t…just tune.”

Guess he’s not trying to have a woman come up on his coattails. If they did break up, Wayne doesn’t seem to be too hurt by the news. The rapper was shredding with pro skater Omar Salazar in his red Kreemo hoodie for Thrasher Magazine.

This is how Weezy mends his broken heart!