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Let’s be honest, as much as the younger generation loves Louis Vuitton, as a company they have never directly marketed their product to us.

Under the direction of Kim Jones, we think Louis V may be turning a new leaf.

PHOTOS: Louis Vuitton Goes On African Safari For Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

To prove how hip they are, Vuitton has enlisted the help of many up and coming musicians, models, editors and artist to take part in their latest campaign for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of sunglasses.

Some of the models include: French artist Andre, blogger Emily Weiss, Langley Hemingway, Venus X, Xan Aird of The Virgins and Maluca Mala.

VIDEO: Louis Vuitton Animates This Season’s Belts With A Saul Bass Inspired Short

Take a look at everyone who appeared in the campaign as well as their background stories in the gallery above, but the real stars are the sunglasses.

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