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Pam Shaw was quite the looker in her day. As a matter of fact, she made her living being sexy. It brought her fame, riches, and opening acts, but one thing it never brought her was sex.

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The now 70-year-old Pam Shaw is still, yes still, a virgin. But she’s looking to change that. 

The former raunchy cabaret star has never married because she claims she was too caught up in her career to think about dating, and she remains a virgin because she didn’t believe in pre-marital sex, but now that she is still young and fun she is looking for someone tall dark and handsome to court her, and then bed her. 

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Check out some excerpts from her Huffington Post interview below:

“People can’t believe it when I tell them my age. I think I look great – maybe because I’ve never been married or had kids.

“But now’s the time – I’m ready to take the plunge for the right bloke. My standards are still very high. I’m hoping to bag a millionaire with tall, dark and handsome good looks.

“I’m loads of fun and bundles of energy. I got to salsa and Zumba classes every week and have loads of friends. I like to think I’d be a real catch.”

We’ve got to give it up to Pam for her exceptional self-confidence and dedication.

Check out the photos of Pam in her hay-day in the gallery above and be sure to head over to Huffington Post for her full interview. 


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