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It’s unfortunate Mystikal is headed back to jail to serve an 81-day prison sentence, but the “Shake It Fast” rapper isn’t leaving his fans pining over his absence like once upon a time.

DETAILS: OH NO! Mystikal Goes Back To Jail! 

In the same vein as his fellow YMCMB fam Lil Wayne did before, Mystikal is dropping a project to keep himself a little relevant while doing some time.

DETAILS: Mystikal Announces Album Title & Talks “Lessons Learned” Since Signing With YMCMB!

The mixtape is called Origins, and is set to release July 30th. In prepping for its arrival, Mystikal drops the first single, “Bulls**t” where he takes a moment to vent his frustrations.

In the song, he raps “Same n***a that just got out of jail/Same n***a that’s about to go back.”

It’s obvious what the Cash Money rapper thinks about his nearly 3-month bid!

Take a listen, and let us know what you think!