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Kim Kardashian doesn’t pay attention to the haters!

Even if those haters happen to be the Federal Trade Commission.

According to TMZ, the reality TV star had nothing but good things to say about the Skechers Shape-Up shoe, even though it was recently proven by the Federal Trade Commission that the footware did not do what it was promising.

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Kim, who had been a spokesperson for the brand, signed a one year endorsement deal in January of 2011, but claims that she had been using the product even before that. At the time, she claimed she was a habitual user of the shoes and they contributed to her amazing shape and toned butt.

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Although Kim says she wouldn’t endorse the shoe now, she’s not throwing her Shape-Ups out. She still has them and might still wear them. 

The shoes have since been pulled from shelves, but we’re sure there are a few pairs lurking somewhere on the internet if you believe in the Skechers Shape-Ups as strongly as Kim does.

Do you believe Kim’s claims? We’re pretty sure something else aside from Shape-Ups contributed to that behind of hers…