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R&B crooner Frank Ocean debuted a new song and posted it today on his Tumblr page.

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean “Whip Appeal”

The ballad doesn’t have a title, but we’re guessing it may be titled “Summer Remains.” Frank Ocean captioned below his video “just at home f*cking around, no judging.” 

The video features Frank vibing on his keyboard flushing out the melody to his new song in a quaint room. 

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean “White”

“My right hand to God/ left hand holding the jewels/ and I’m swearing up and down/I’m cursing out the moon/tide stole my youth/the creases in my brown ain’t tan lines/salt water swole my eyes (beachlife),” sings Frank. 

There’s still no word as to when fans will get a Frank Ocean solo album, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for later on this year. 

Check out the dope video of Frank Ocean in his element above!