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International DJ star Deadmau5 has got some choice words for Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D.

While on the set of his latest video project out in L.A., TMZ caught up with Deadmau5 and asked him some straightforward questions about his brewing beef with Pauly D.

When asked if he thought Pauly had any legit DJ’ing talent, Deadmau5 kept it blunt and replied: “No, not really.”

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Well, damn. The two DJs have been ‘beefing’ ever since Deadmau5 tweeted out a harsh critique of Pauly’s newest music video “Night of My Life” claiming the production looked “cheap.”

MTV caught up with the Jersey Shore DJ and asked him what he thought about Deadmau5’s remarks.

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“He’s talented and I’m actually flattered he came at me like he did,” said Pauly. “I’m actually flattered he even watched my video. So I got to be funny about it. I’m not mad at all. I thought it was fun.”

Sounds like Pauly’s completely unfazed by the entire situation. But he did make it a point to shout out his lead (against Deadmau5) on the iTunes charts: “I don’t want to say it, but I will. I’m beating him!”  

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