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First and FOREMOST MY FAMILY NEVER HAS OR WILL BE A PUBLIC TOPIC OF DISCUSSION PERIOD(no dot needed)My big brother has done an excellent job of maintaining his privacy and being a shield for the paparazzi, so that we may have our attempt at a ‘normal’ life. Everyday I understand a little bit more why… from being kidnapped at age 8 to everyday run-ins with suspicious characters who know your life story better than you do and all the fair weather ‘friends’ and ‘family’ , I say for the world to hear :THANK YOU!! AND I WILL DO MORE THAN MY BEST TO UP HOLD THIS STANDARD.

This subject is not something I WANT to address. To be real its the biggest non factor of my life. Ok not the biggest, I don’t want to give the wrong impression, its the most frequently encountered non factor, and on top of that its really discomforting..Why you may ask? Not because of a sour relationship or bad experience, HELL we’ve been brothers 27 years (that I know about) and our intricacies are all figured out.

The aggravation comes from peoples assumptions..They assume we handle situations the same. Which ain’t always the case. I mean he’s the famous one , running up on me reckless won’t do anything for you EVER… I get it, you recognize me but don’t say no stupid shit like, “hey know who you look like???? Ima say I got my mamas nose but I got my poppas hands .. Or this oldie but goodie, anybody ever tell you that you look like Pharrell?…Yea my grandma GOD REST THE DEAD… thanks for bringing it up DICK…. ima make you feel as awkward as you make me.. If your cool and respectful then its given back ten fold, after all I am a representative like it or not.


Believe me it gets old being recognized for something you cant deny and have no control over specially when both you and the person of randomness would much rather it be P having that convo…. I’m just saying…Another thing just cause you and lil timmy shared a bedroom and social circles doesn’t mean that I have or need to have that dynamic with my brothers.

There is a 20 year difference between brothers in my immediate family… and I don’t have big or little brothers, I have BROTHERS, we are all in various stages in life… I’m just saying… In my personal opinion the sexist thing about Angelina Jolie isn’t her incredible body or her amazing lips or those piercing eyes its the fact that she don’t use her family name as a Hollywood hall-pass…its weird to me that after making a legit fan base working with top producers having multiple seasons on a major network TV station and a prime-time spot, mind you Ray J is still just ‘Brandy’s brother’ fuck that, I’m me.. I come as is…I’m the display version even… you get me…I DONT COME WITH A BOX!!!

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