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Rye Rye may be young, but she’s ready to Go! Pop! Bang!

The 22-year-old Baltimore native came on the scene as the protégé to M.I.A, before her rise to fame was temporarily offset by a teenage pregnancy. Now, she’s finally seeing her first album come to fruition. 

NEW MUSIC: Rye Rye & Tyga “Shake, Twist, Drop”

The Technicolor rapper is on a steady incline to the top. Fresh off a crazy successful collaboration with pop music star Robyn on “Never Will Be Mine” and basking in feedback from her first album Go! Pop! Bang!, Rye Rye still found the time to explore her acting skills alongside Jonah Hill in the film 21 Jump Street.

NEW VIDEO: Rye Rye “Boom Boom”

GlobalGrind caught up with Rye Rye for an intimate interview where she dished up advice for teen moms, and spoke about the first time she met M.I.A.

Check out the exclusive interview with Rye Rye in the video above.