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Travis Porter had everyone pulling their proverbial umbrellas out when they stepped on the scene back in 2010 with the strip club anthem, “Make It Rain,” and now they’re ready to flood the clubs with the release of their premiere LP, From Day 1. 

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The Atlanta based group has managed to keep a stronghold on the masses with a steady release of radio hits from their previous mixtapes and the trio kept the formula consistent when it came to hitting the studios to gear up for From Day 1.

In addition to tracks like the stripper praising opener “Aww Yea” and the 2 Chainz collabo on the dim-light worthy “P*ssy Real Good,” the album features some club and street bangers, with a healthy dose of tracks that will be on constant replay in the strip joints.

Travis Porter wrangled star-studded features including bars and hooks from 2Chainz, Jeremih, Mike Posner and Tyga in addition to some big name producer collabos with the likes of Diplo and Lil C.

Take a look at a review of GlobalGrind’s top 5 tracks from Travis Porter’s From Day 1 below! 

“P*ssy Real Good” Ft. 2 Chainz [Prod. By Lil C]

Despite the explicit name, the track is dedicated to paying homage to all the female genatalia out there with serious skills. The rated X joint isn’t friendly for the sexually shy, but would be a star on BET Uncut if it was still on air. 2Chainz adds his normal panache, promising to “turn her weave into a murder scene.” Witty lyrics aside, the beat is something to ride out to that demands a head bump.

“Wobble” [Prod. By Diplo]

The Diplo produced track is exactly what you would expect when the ATL flavor meets a dope ass Diplo beat—magic. The 2-minute track is a quick teaser, and we can only hope that the abrupt end is hinting that a club banger remix is to be expected in the near future. 

“Ride Like That” ft. Jeremih [Prod. By J Mike]

Jeremih’s smooth vocals compliment the hook on “Ride Like That,” while the snap rock beat leaves listeners reminiscent of track from Dem Franchiez Boyz. The track is less explicit in its stripper referrals, making it the one most likely to get premium radio spin as a single.

“Make It Rain” [Prod. By Fki]

Tried and true, Make It Rain still has us lip synching in the mirror when the hook hits. The popular club banger barely made the tracklist and as the last song on the album, it’s an exit reminder as to why you fell fot Travis Porter to begin with. 

Don’t expect to make it through the album without succumbing to the overwhelming urge to make a trip to the bank teller to change some stacks into singles so you can make it, make it rain! 

From Day 1 hits stores today, so be sure to get your hands on a copy.

Check out the full tracklist below: 

1. Aww Yea [Prod. By B Beck]

2. Pop A Rubber Band [Prod. By Lil Lody]

3. Pussy Real Good Ft. 2 Chainz [Prod. By Lil C]

4. Wobble [Prod. By Diplo]

5. Ayy Ladies ft. Tyga [Prod. By Fki]

6. Ride Like That ft. Jeremih [Prod. By J Mike]

7. Flood This Shit [Prod. By M16]

8. Ballin’ [Prod. By Lil C]

9. Party Time [Prod. By KE on the track]

10. That Feeling ft. Mike Posner [Prod. By Justice League]

11. Bring It Back [Prod. By Fki]

12. Make It Rain [Prod. By Fki]