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There was always a line drawn that couldn’t be crossed, a pivotal point of no return, the place marked with a sign: “If crossed, beware of danger.” But with the advent of the internet, that line has all but disappeared.

So what I’m witnessing and learning now, thanks in part to the internet, is that there is no line, it doesn’t exist, maybe it never really existed. The gloves are off and anyone with an internet connection can now spread their vile cruelty in any form they wish.

I usually don’t have faith in people because I know how cold-blooded a person can be. And if human nature has taught us anything, self-gratification will usually trump the desires of others.

Which brings us to Trayvon Martin; his tragedy is no laughing matter. We’ve marched, held rallies, conducted town hall meetings, raised money and started organizations in his honor, but the internet folks who have no shame and yet hide behind their anonymity have put a black eye on our efforts, doing the unthinkable by creating a Facebook page named “Trayvoning.” 

Unlike Tebowing, Planking or Owling, this new internet meme fad isn’t funny at all – it’s straight up disrespectful. “Trayvoning” is when you get a hoodie, Skittles and Arizona iced tea, and pose like you’ve been shot in the chest.

There are no limits to the length of cruelty people can spread across the internet. It’s the ultimate free speech vehicle, but the civility is gone, only to be replaced by malicious hate-spewing content.

The thing is, “Trayvoning” is nothing but viciousness that serves no purpose. It doesn’t help the case for Trayvon in any way, shape or form.

At least with Planking and Owling, it was comical and stupid, but this new fad is just mean spirited and self-aggrandizing.

How can you justify posing with a hoodie sprawled out on the floor and call it “Trayvoning”? The self-gratification in that alone is disgusting.

And I know that those posing are chalking it up to good humor, but it’s not funny; there’s nothing funny about poking fun at an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed for looking “suspicious.” 

Believe me, I’m no censor, but when it comes to Trayvon, I’ve seen some of the most outlandish character assassinations toward him – and “Trayvoning” takes the cake.

Last week an Orlando businessman admitted to profiting off Trayvon’s death by selling gun range targets displaying a hoodie with Skittles and iced tea in the pocket. This was truly disgusting, but this guy’s aim, whether we like it or not, was to make money. “Trayvoning” has only one purpose: to be cruel. 


Shaka Griffith is the News/Politics Editor of GlobalGrind.com Follow him on twitter @Darealshaka

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