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The party don’t start ’til Milian walks in!

Christina Milian was photographed partying and one-two stepping on the dance floor in Hollywood at St. Felix.

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The Voice host was wearing a skin-tight, multi-colored tribal print dress and open-toed heels with a studded clutch.

When you step out the house looking that gorgeous, you know there are going to be a few dudes trying to buy you a drink.

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Last night, a fan tried to spit game at the 30-year-old actress on Twitter, asking:

“Do u date white guys, damn ur fine as hell”

The candid singer responded, “I date all types.”

But he wasn’t the only one trying to make a pass at Christina.

Someone else tweeted:

“CMilianOfficial dissed me in the valley when I tried to get her number”

And she retaliated saying, “soooorrry.. But um.. I don’t give out my digits.”

Check out the photo gallery of Milian last night … you would try to holla too!