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Welcome to another edition of Cool Table Tuesdays with Cool Table Jay. 

As always I have surveyed all of the fashion and “cool-kid” websites and have come across the things I found this week that I would love to share with you. Check it all out in the gallery above!

Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers’ Guide 24)

This week my favorite item has to be the Dr. Romanelli x Just One Eye x Bamford Watch Department Rolex Collection. The bright neon colors against the black background is probably something that you will never see on a Rolex but is definitely something that I wish more brands did. The customization comes at a pretty penny though. The Submariner and Explorer II that are each priced at $17,380 and the Deepsea goes for above $23,000, but if you can afford any of them it is definitely worth it.

Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers’ Guide 23)

You can take a look at these watches and so much more in today’s installment of Cool Table Tuesday with me, Cool Table Jay. You are always welcome.

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