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In 10 days, the hottest sneakers of the year drops: Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2s will release on June 9!

PHOTOS: No Waiting On Line For These Folks! Celebrities Who Already Got The Nike Air Yeezy 2s  

Nike officially put the release date out a couple of hours ago and instantly the Internet went nuts.

What’s that noise you hear?

That sound is the thousands of people who already ran to their local sneaker spot to wait on line. 

Yes, it’s that real.

The shoes — which will retail for about $225 — are super limited and will sell out within minutes. 

STORY: A Pair Of Sneakers Is Never Reason Enough To Incite A Riot!

Almost every sneakerhead wants them; not every sneakerhead will be able to get them.

That’s unless of course, you’re a celebrity.

Not only will celebs be able to get them fairly easily, but some have already gotten them!

Swallow all of that jealous spit you have and take a look back at those who already got a pair in the gallery above. 

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