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No one could bring more sex appeal to a shoot than actress Shay Mitchell.

The former model, who now plays Emily on the hit show Pretty Little Liars, pops with an orange lip and takes a pool shoot that could even seduce a female.

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Mitchell sat down with Complex Magazine to discuss her character’s many options when it comes to the ladies saying:

“She has a revolving door of girls! You’d think I’d pay more attention to Emily in that department, but no, I haven’t thought about bringing any of her swag into my own life.”

From the looks of these photos, she wouldn’t have any problems in that area if she did!

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Shay also chopped it up with Complex about how her character is portrayed by the show saying:

“The show doesn’t shy away from my character’s sexuality at all, but it’s done in a tasteful way. There are no fans in the room blowing our hair as we’re making out.”

We love to see her on the drama-filled show, but she sees herself playing a different role in the future. Picture a woman about to fall into water full of sharks from a tower. Pretty crazy right? That’s something only a Bond girl could do. “I love all the Bond movies. I love the cute girl who can kick ass.”

When asked what her name would be, she replied, “Shay Buttah.” We see she has a little ratchet blood in her, and we like it!

Check out the stunning photos of Shay in the gallery above. 

SOURCE: Complex

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