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Beamer, Benz or Bentley? 

PHOTOS: Kanye Tweets Visuals For “Mercy” Video

If you’re a rapper, any of the three luxury vehicles listed above could be your vice.

Cars and hip-hop go together like cocaine and waffles! Okay, maybe not cocaine and waffles, but you get our drift. 

Hip-hop was birthed on the streets of some of the roughest cities in the nation, and ever since Sugar Hill Gang rapped about a sunroof Cadillac in “Rapper’s Delight,” cars have been a major staple in hip-hop. 

Whether you’re a southern rapper who dreams about pimped out Cadillacs, old school Chevys with ice cream paint jobs, and Pontiacs with suicide doors; or an East Coast rapper who dreams about classic foreign cars like Mercedes Benzs, Range Rovers, and Lexus – all rappers love nice cars.

VIDEO: Lord Have Mercy! Kanye West Rants In London!

Kanye West tweeted a picture of the Lamborghini Murcielago that will be featured in his upcoming “Mercy” video.

Yeezy loves a Lamborghini, especially his 1985 white Lamborghini Countach.

GlobalGrind decided to round up the 10 most influential cars in hip-hop. These 10 cars have been featured in countless hip-hop videos; purchased, rented, and rapped about in the most popular hip-hop songs.

Check out the 10 most influential cars in hip-hop in the gallery above!  

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